Department of Medicine Team Science Retreat

Only a Beginning: Building and Expanding Research Opportunities   

November 1, 2022

Preliminary Agenda


Big retreat questions (Note: we can inject these as quick three-minute brainstorms where participants add their comments to a Google Sheet or “read” a QR code and type in answers – all collected as part of retreat documentation):

  1. What should the department of medicine in a major northern California research institution be doing in the realm of Team Science?
  2. What are the payoffs of Team Science?
  3. What do we (DOM; faculty) need for Team Science to be successful?
  4. What would it take for a faculty member to participate (what would be energizing / mobilizing)?
  5. What are significant desired outcomes from a 2023 Team Science International Symposium hosted by the department?

Retreat Objectives

  1. Understanding Team Science, DOM’s working definition, why it matters, and selected projects-to-date
  2. List of faculty reactions, ideas, and concerns to participating in Team Science
  3. List of benefits of participation in Team Science
  4. Understand current set of ideas for Team Science projects – some being planned, some underway
  5. Increase number/ideas for potential Team Science collaboration areas
  6. Understand resources available to help faculty get involved in Team Science
    • Faculty currently performing Team Science research (within DOM; across the University)
    • Faculty and staff with established connections and collaborators outside Stanford
    • DOM resources to support Team Science
  1. Set of next steps

Questions for Breakout Groups

Zoom Group or Groups via Padlet or QR or Google doc

  1. What may be missing from the DOM TS research portfolio presented?
  2. Where are the areas for growth in the current portfolio?
  3. What are the untapped TS opportunities?
  4. Who are the additional TS partners beyond DOM?
  5. What are the payoffs of Team Science from your perspective? Examples: internal and external networking for early-stage careers, contributions to tenure, national exposure and recognition, increased funding opportunities, impactful research across disciplines
  6. What do we (DOM; faculty) need for Team Science to be successful?
  7. What would it take for a faculty member to participate (what would be energizing / mobilizing)?

Live Breakout Sessions facilitated by division reps

  1. Solid organ transplantation: racial disparities in outcomes (Session host: Hannah Valantine; Jane Tan; Mossman; Kiran Khush; Mark Nichols; Jonathan Maltzman; Mark Davis )
  2. Dyslipidemias: Basic and translational research (Josh Knowles
  3. Obesity: Metabolic/endocrine (Tracy McLoughlin; Catherin Blish);
  4. Pregnancy Outcomes ; women’s health (Marcia Stefanik; Julia Simard)
  5. Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH): Hepatology/Endocrinology (Ray Kim)
  6. Metabolic bone center (Joy Wu)
  7. Aging (Deborah Kado; David Rehkopf)
  8. Vaccines (Harry Greenberg; Jeff Glenn)
  9. Cancer immunotherapy (Everett Myers; Ash Alizadeh; Allison W. Kurian; Christina Curtis)
  10. Informatics/Data Science/AI/ML (Mark Musen, Purvesh Khatri, Nigam Shah, Tina Hernandez-Boussard)


Welcome: Bob Harrington, MD, Chair – Department of Medicine

DOM’s Working Definition of Team Science: Dr. PJ Utz / Dr. Sara Singer

Team Science in Action:
Examples from NIH, AHA and Industry/Tech

All brainstorm question #1:
What should the department of medicine in a major northern California research university be doing in the Team Science realm?

(Dr. Hannah Valantine – moderator)
Question prompts:

  1. What needs to be in the definition of Team Science?
  2. What research areas are ripe for collaboration and Team Science?
  3. Importance of industry or association supported work vs. federal Team Science grants?

Novel cross-cutting Team Science centered around DOM divisions expertise: a view from the Divisions chiefs:

  • Summary of Division Chief Retreat on topic of Team Science (Dr. Joy Wu)
  • Panel discussion of the 3 questions

Expanding team science in DOM – a grassroots view from Division TS representatives

  • Review list of immediate opportunities / areas of focus for Team Science (PJ Utz)
  • Division representatives panel discussion: answers to the 3 questions – 30 min


Two Brainstorms
# 1 Zoom Groups Brainstorm via Chat or Padlet (QR Code available for additional input) 

#2 Live Audience Breakout Sessions (facilitated by division reps) – Pick one that    appeals to you 

Highlights from breakout sessions – Discussion – All (PJ Utz – Moderator)

  • Share new ideas / connections
  • Share other highlights

Closing remarks and Next steps  – Bob Harrington

  • Did we answer the “big retreat questions” listed in the preamble
  • What are cross-cutting areas of expertise to support all of Team Science regardless of disease or organ system?
    • Genetics/genomics
    • Systems immunology
    • Informatics, data science, AI/ML
    • Biorepository
    • Biostatistics
    • Grant-writing and infrastructure templates
    • Other?
  • Next Steps

Box Lunches available – you are all invited to stay and eat outdoors and continue the conversation