Team Science


Supporting Researchers in Team Science

Working under the umbrella of the Department of Medicine’s Team Science Initiative, the Research Development Staff aims to support multi-, inter-, trans- disciplinary research by guiding investigators through their proposal strategy and development on team science grant proposals. We bring together experienced research development staff and faculty, communicators, and writers to support team science proposals across all divisions and affiliated organizations.

Our services complement other award and research services offered by the Research Development Office (RDO), Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) within the Office of Research Administration (ORA), the Research Management Group (RMG), and the Industrial Contracts Office (ICO).

Our Team will Prioritize Supporting the Following Types of Proposals:

  • Interdisciplinary research proposals

  • Cross departments/divisions (2+)

  • Proposals that address “BIG” problems/challenges

  • Proposals with diverse researchers, staff, study participants, and/or research areas

Requesting Support from our Team

The Team Science Resource Development Team supports as many team science proposals as resources, schedules, and bandwidth allow.

Step 1: Submit a Request for Support (RFS) here

Step 2: Team Science Primary Contact will complete initial intake of request

Step 3: Team science will complete a full review of request

Step 4: Researchers will be notified about the support and resources team science can provide. Responses can range from: 

  • Approval: The team will coordinate with the researcher on their grant proposal
  • Request for Further Information: The team will request further information/clarification to facilitate review by Steering Committee
  • Waitlist: The team may direct researcher to other Department of Medicine resources and notify researcher if support later becomes available

Step 5: If support is approved, researcher will agree to report post-submission results for tracking purposes.

Note: The Research Management Group (RMG) manages proposal intake through the Proposal Intake Form (PIF). This form must be completed by investigators prior to 30 days before the sponsor deadline. If you are less than 30 days prior to the sponsor deadline, please email us at