Team Science


Our support services are tailored to the specific needs of your grant, with a focus on strategy, writing and editing, and collaboration. Our team can collaborate with other research offices at Stanford, and with the Primary Investigator and their research staff facilitating those collaborations. We can coordinate with the Office of Sponsored Research, the Research Management Group, the Industrial Contracts Office, and/or other Stanford offices as needed to support our work throughout the proposal process. Some award processes-–such as grant submission, development of budgetary and supporting documents, post-award tracking, and Institutional Review Board/Institutional Animal Core and Use Committee documents–will be outside the scope of our services.

If approved for support, we will have a preliminary intake meeting/ consultation with your research team to discuss your proposal and ascertain how best our team can provide support for your proposal. Support services will depend on timing and availability of our team. We will maintain regular communication with the primary contact from your research team throughout the proposal process in order to ensure alignment of expectations, report on progress, and identify and resolve any challenges that require attention.

We are available to help with any type of proposal that receives approval for support. However, our experience and expertise is most likely to be of value for proposals submitted to federal sponsors, such as NIH or NSF. We will coordinate further resources if your grant proposal involves foundations, state agencies, donors, and corporate sponsors.

For an overview of what each office is responsible for, please click here. For a list of most Stanford offices, please click here and here.

Please contact us as soon as possible! Even if you have not completed the Proposal Intake Form through RMG, you can submit a request for support. We will work as quickly as possible to review your request and provide you with available services and support.

One part of the intake and review process will be an evaluation of whether central Department of Medicine funds will be allocated for researchers to use our services. That evaluation may or may not conclude that a portion, or even all, of the cost will need to be covered by an individual division or primary investigator (PI).